Psychological Assessment Example

A psychological assessment example is an example of a psychological assessment which is conducted by clinical psychological so as to evaluate the psychological condition of a patient. These assessments help the doctors to point out that particular area where the patient needs improvement or help to take necessary precautions. These examples of psychological assessments help people to understand the pattern of such assessments. Given below is a sample of a psychological assessment example.

Sample Psychological Assessment Example:

Psychological assessment conducted by:  Dr. Fredrick Daniel

Date of assessment: 14th Feb 2012

Assessment address: 56-h, First floor, Paulo Street, Toronto, Canada

Name of patient: Mr. Henry Peter

Purpose of assessment:

The assessment is being carried out to test the psychological condition of Henry Peter and determine the areas of the psychology which are affected by a condition or disorder. The assessment shall also help to find the solutions to the problems faced by the patient.

Results/observations of the assessment:

The patient seems to have a wavering eye contact and suffers from lack of concentration and attentiveness. This could be as a result of lack of sleep or exposure to excess work.  The patient didn’t show any suicidal tendency or symptoms of depression.


The patient is recommended to take complete rest for atleast 2 weeks and attain peace of mind by travelling to a hill station or any place away from city life. The patient must also engage himself in some type of physical activities so as to develop better impulsive reactions.


Fredrick Daniel

Henry Peter

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