Psychological Assessment Format

A psychological assessment format is a predetermined set of the pattern to be followed while making a report on a psychological assessment. It zooms into the psychological arena and files the symptoms and signs of psychological distress. It makes a complete report on all the psychological aspects and prescribes a suitable medication and treatment regimen for the patient.

Sample Psychological Assessment Format

Name of the respondent _____________

Date _______________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph must entail the names of the team members who have been assigned the task of psychological assessment along with a special mention of the team leader. It must also name the organization conducting the operation and their level of experience in the concerned field of work. The designation or qualification of the conductors must be included too to confirm that the report has been validated by reliable assessors. The date of validation of the report must be mentioned for future references.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must give a sequential account of all the details of the patient and his family. It must take into account the forensic and medical history of the patient, psychological history of the family, patient’s relationship with his co-workers, friends, family and outsiders, job position and societal status, personality dimensions, perceptions and attitudes, beliefs and habits, adjustment capacity and overall mental health.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must provide a concise conclusion of the study and make proper suggestions to secure a healthy personality development. It must lay down the preventive measures to help patient abstain from damaging lifestyle. The insight level of the client must be exclusively mentioned.

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