Psychological Assessment Report

A psychological assessment report is a document that thoroughly surveys the psychology of an individual or a community and prepares a report for the corresponding findings. The report should be transparent enough for any individual to go through it and understand the factors and the respective particulars, with proper understanding of the jargons as well that need to be explained along with the report details. Thus, it is very much essential for the report to be accurate such that it does not lead to any incorrect decision.

Sample Psychology Assessment Report:

Name of patient: Jimmy Robert Peterson

Age: 48 years                                                                                                       Gender: Male

Profession: Management Officer

J.M Group of Companies, New York

Need for psychology assessment:

  • The individual being assessed, Mr. Jimmy, has recently developed a very hot temper towards co-workers and others in the work area.
  • He has also been found to be irresponsible and often late to work.
  • After work, his family complains of the sudden development of similar traits.
  • He is also being suspected of saving less and spending money frivolously.

Psychology Assessment Report:

Sl. No. Parameters of psychology assessment Assessment findings and description Remarks and suggestions
1. Case History of patient Mr. Jimmy was a completely normal child. Mentally and psychologically, he was fit and has never had any such instances of sudden change in behaviour.  




2. Employee work conditions The work conditions for employees at J.M Group of Companies has always been favourable, except for the fact that it has recently signed a number of contracts and the deadlines are quite back to back, thereby putting a pressure on employees and workers.  




The work load needs to be lessened to ensure psychological development of the concerned employee, who happens to be the patient being assessed.

3. Medical conditions
  • Blood Pressure: High
  • Heart and lung conditions: Normal
  • Renal functions: Normal
  • Eyes: Slightly glaucomatic [under treatment]



Mr. Jimmy should strictly follow medical advises

4. Family environment Mr. Jimmy’s is a healthy family of his wife and two kids. Mrs. Jimmy is also an earning member and shares responsibilities equally. The kids are perfect.  



Mr. Jimmy requires the support of his family members, who need to be patient with him at this time.


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