Psychological Assessment Template

A psychological assessment template, as the name clearly implies, is a layout that identifies, analyzes and suggests probable and effective solutions to psychological problems that may occur in any individual. Considering the rapid and drastic social changes happening now-a-days, it is absolutely obvious that human beings will be affected by them, so much so that they may experience psychological disorders. Such problems need to be addressed at the earliest and treated soon so as to ensure them with a normal lifestyle.

Sample Psychological Assessment Template

Name of the organization: _________________________________ [mention the name of the institution that will be conducting the psychological assessment]

Name of the individual under test: _____________________________ [mention the name of the person whose psychological fitness is being assessed]

Date: ________________ [provide the date when the assessment is being done]

General information of the individual: [provide all introductory details that will help the panel of experts to know the person better]

  • Age: ________ [mention the age of the person]
  • Blood Group: ________ [provide his/ her blood group]
  • Nationality: ____________________ [mention the country to which the person originally belongs]
  • Present residence: ____________________ [provide exact details of the area and country the person is living now]
  • Family background: _________________________ [provide a brief detail of the family he/ she grew up in]
  • Occupation: ________________________ [mention the job of the concerned individual]
  • Medical condition: _______________________________________ [This section will be an in-depth analysis of the person’s clinical fitness and should refer to any existing disability or illness]

Evaluation Report: [It will show results of various researches done on the individual]

  • Attitude
  • Social approach
  • Behavioral judgment
  • Cognitive skills
  • Expression of emotions

[Critical description of the analysis of these attributes and their ratings on a percentile basis is to be provided]

Final assessment: ________________________ [A final report is to be produced, combining the results of all tests performed as part of the assessment, to suggest the actual psychological condition of the particular individual]

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