Psychological Assessment

A psychological assessment is a document which is framed or drafted in order to test or assess the psychological tendencies or behaviour or people. These forms are generally put to use by psychologists so as to use it as a survey document to evaluate the psychology of their patients or clients. Any such assessment can be in the form of a questionnaire or report. These assessments can help determine the possible disorder of the patients. Given below is a sample of the same.

Sample Psychological Assessment:

Psychological assessment conducted by:  Dr. PB. Reynolds

Date of assessment: 12th Jan 2012

Location of assessment: Clinic (p-89, first floor, Marble road, London)

Name of patient: Mr. Mathew Henry

Purpose of assessment:

The assessment is being carried on so as to test the area or part where the patient is suffering a psychological disorder and also to confirm that the patient is suffering from any disorder or not. The assessment shall help us to examine and conduct further tests focussed only on the part which needs recovery or improvement.

Observations of the assessment:

The results of the psychological assessment show that the individual lacks attentiveness and faces social isolation as a result of which the normal eye contact, speech and memory conditions are deviated from normal. The patient though was found to be cooperative and showed no suicidal tendencies as opposed to general observations.


The patient is recommended to interact with people more often starting from the friends and family members. Social interaction and acceptance of the society needs changes.


P.B Reynolds

Mathew Henry

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