Psychological Career Assessment

A psychological career assessment is a method of establishing the psychological aspects of a career option in order to test the loyalty of a seeker towards his occupation. It is a way to get hold of the psychological set-up of the concerned person to check for compatibility. Therefore it must be done through authentic tests.

Sample Psychological Career Assessment

Name of the institute: Giovanni Career Assessment Centre

Assessment done by: Sharpay Vicario, Counselling Psychologist

Description of the assessment tools: The assessment tools used for this purpose are valid and standardised tests of integrity, interest, moods and cognitive abilities.

Types of assessment tools: The tools are categorised in the way these are constructed and administered and the way these measure the psychological skills. Thus, these tests are either individual and group tests or power and speed tests.

Methods and benefits of psychological career assessment:

The Guilford-Zimmerman Interest Inventory (GZII) is designed to identify the interest zones that indicate the possible vocations and related competencies.

The Differential Aptitude Test Battery (DATB) aims at identifying the conditions and characteristics required for acquisition of some specialised knowledge like reasoning and language abilities. ASVAB is essential for recruitment in military occupations or armed services.

The Post-Graduate Institute Memory Scale is used to assess the memory functions of an adult candidate by scoring his mental balance, attention, concentration and retention powers.

The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is used for determining psychological adjustment for occupations of police officers, pilots and fire-fighters. Projective tests are the most important techniques in interpreting the personality characteristics in vocations, like Rorschach Inkblot Test.

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