Psychological Personality Assessment

A psychological personality assessment test is conducted to derive the psychological behavior and characteristics of an individual. The concerned person is made to appear in various tests and answer various questions that put the psychological factor of him/her to test. It is a very important method of personality test involving the total mental character of an individual and is always beneficial and gives doctors and psychologists the exact information about their patients.

Psychological Personality Assessment Example

Psychological personality assessment conducted on: Rebecca Richards.

Age: 36 years.

Doctor in Supervision: Dr. Jason Michel.

Date of evaluation: May 21, 2012.

Conducted by: Stipule’s psychological assessment foundation, California.

Tests undertaken by the candidate:

  • Mental test: The candidate is asked various questions about diverse things of her knowledge and asked to solve numeric problems. The candidate did not show much accuracy in this test and could not solve most of the basic problems given and also could not answer the easiest of questions. Miss Richards has scored 11 on 20 in this round.
  • Phobia test: This test is conducted by bringing the candidate in front of obstacles and objects that he/she fears. The candidate is made to cross these obstacles or make contact with the objects of their fear. The test revealed that the candidate has a height phobia and must receive acute treatment immediately to conquer this. The candidate scored 23 on 30 in this test.
  • Mentality and character test: This test is undertaken by providing the candidate with make-belief situations in which he/she put to moments of joy/ pain/ loss. The candidate showed a fair amount of strong mentality and can easily cope up with sad situations and is also basically happy during situations of joy. The reactions are noted and marks are distributed accordingly. The candidate received 39 out of 50 in this test.

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