Quality Health Assessment

A quality health assessment is a document which examines and investigates the quality of life and health of people. Health is precious and it is not only to be cherished, but also maintained through the means of a healthy and active lifestyle. A quality health assessment not only identifies the health problems of an individual, it also looks into the reasons for a decline, as well as makes suggestions for the improvement of health.

Sample Quality Health Assessment

Name of person undergoing a quality health assessment: Jacob Kennings

Date of birth: 13th July 1978

Address: 34 Broadway Street, New York

Profession: IT consultant in MNC

Quality health assessment done by: Indian Yoga Centre

Purpose of quality health assessment:

  • This quality health assessment not only identifies the areas of improvement but also suggest some means for living a simple, healthy life which will prevent the recurrence of the health problems of the individual.
  • It is extremely necessary to not only cure an illness, but also to prevent it. Thus, by means of a quality health assessment, we make the person aware of what his health is constituted of and why it should be valued.

Quality heath assessment:

  • The individual is employed in a high stress job and it has taken a toll on his body and mind. High blood pressure, borderline diabetes, hypertension are only some of the ills plaguing his health.
  • We recommend an immediate detoxification program which will not only clear his system of the poison it has accumulated, but also revitalize him and be rejuvenating as well.
  • We also advocate a reduction in the work pressure of the individual.

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