Quantitative Career Assessment

Quantitative career assessment is the procedure of assessing and judging a person, through personality test, interview, aptitude test, questionnaire and analyzing the best career that is suited and appropriate for him or her. It involves rating and quantifying different facets of the client’s traits and persona. It is prepared by a career counselor.

Sample Quantitative Career Assessment:

Name: Mr. Thomson Perry.

Date of Birth: 15/10/1988.

Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.
  • Master of Arts in Human Resource Management.

Career Objectives:

  • To work as a human resource executive.
  • Work in a Non Governmental Organisation.


  1. Academic competence – (8/10)

The command over the subject and knowledge in the particular field, on which he wishes to work)

  1. Ability of public speaking and convincing people – (7/10)

His potential and ability to negotiate and convince people, as well as his power of public speaking.

  1. Team management and managerial competence – (9/10)

The person’s ability to lead a team and work in a group.

  1. Presentation skills and outer knowledge – (8/10)

The person’s ability to present projects and satisfy all levels of people.

  1. Adaptability to different situations – (10/10)

The person’s ability to adapt in different locations, in case the work demands to move out of state.

Counselor’s report:

Based on the interview and aptitude test, it can be concluded that the person is well suited for the job of a Human Resource Executive. He has successfully qualified all the tests and can perform his job with dedication and competence. His knowledge and skill is competent enough for working in an NGO as well.

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