Reading Assessment Format

A reading assessment format allows one to ape the pattern and create a reading assessment document. It is used in schools and teaching centres to check the level of efficiency achieved by learners in reading and understanding. It is essential during the early years of language development and a check on reading eliminates future errors and faults in communication.

Sample Reading Assessment Format:

Name of the respondent ___________________

Date __________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph must provide the name of the organization that requires the reading assessment and the organization hired for this purpose. The age group and grade level of the learners must be included so that the purpose of the reading assessment remains clear. The date of submission of assessment is also important as it would indicate the stage wise development and changes in the child’s linguistic growth

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must lay down the results in a systematic way. It must cover all the factors considered while conducting the reading assessment like the language difficulty of the text material, child’s intelligence and time given to her to decode and understand the language. It must also include the results of assessment in terms of the different measures of reading like diction, pronunciation, eye contact, naming the letters, following instructions and semantic understanding of words. These must be clearly put down in order to test the child’s language learning.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must encapsulate the assessment findings in a nut-shell form. It must give the relevant significance of the findings and the future prospects of the learning achieved along with the scope of development.

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