Reading Assessment Template

A reading assessment template outlines the findings of a reading assessment. It reviews the different elements of reading. It is conducted through reliable tests to measure and rate the accuracy and correctness of the elements. School teachers use this to assess students and keep their respective guardians informed about the developments. It must be done very strictly so that children become dexterous in reading and writing at present as well as for future.

Sample Reading Assessment Template

Reading assessment conducted by: ______________________________ [Mention the name of the externally based reading assessment agency or the wing within the commissioning organization]

Reading assessment commissioned by: ___________________________ [Mention the name of the organization commissioning the reading assessment]

Date of submission of reading assessment report: ____________________________ [Provide the appropriate date in words]

Age group whose reading assessment is done: ________________________ [Mention the age of students and their respective grades whose reading is being assessed]

Reading assessment tests used:

  • Test1: _________________________________
  • Test 2: _________________________________ [List the tests of assessment used in this]

Purpose of the reading assessment:

Purpose 1:_________________________________________

Purpose 2:_________________________________________ [State the purposes that have led to the decision of conducting the reading assessment]

Factors to be considered while conducting a reading assessment:

  • Pronunciation:___________________________________________________
  • Diction: ________________________________________________________
  • Eye contact:_____________________________________________________
  • Comprehension of the text:_________________________________________
  • Time taken per passage:___________________________________________
  • Congruency of the text with the reader’s level:_________________________
  • Decoding language and identifying letters:_____________________________
  • Understanding instructions:_________________________________________
  • Vocabulary and semantics:_________________________________________
  • Phonological conception: __________________________________________

For more information on this reading assessment, please call us or email us on the contact numbers given alongside.

Download Reading Assessment Template

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