Reading Assessment

A reading assessment is an assessment which is generally and most commonly conducted at school level to test or evaluate students as far as their reading skills are concerned. These assessments help the teachers to mark the students on their reading ability and hence determine the level of improvement each student needs separately. Reading assessments are also conducted on other levels as well such as college level etc. These assessments can also be used as self evaluating tools for different individuals. Given below is a sample of a reading assessment.

Sample Reading Assessment:

Assessment conducted by: Beverly international school, US

Assessment conducted by teacher: Miss Martha Hedley

Number of students for whom assessment is conducted: 30

Reading assessment level: 4th grade

Date of assessment: 23rd March 2011

Language: English

Purpose of conducting reading assessment:

  • The assessment is being conducted so as to test the English language reading ability and skills of the student
  • The assessment shall help the school teachers to know the overall level of reading skills of their students and help them improve as per the results.

Assessment procedure:

The assessment was divided into 3 parts: poem reading, story reading and newspaper reading.

Observations from the assessment:

The students faired pretty well as far as story and poem recitation was concerned but overall it was observed that they needed help as far as newspaper reading is concerned. Most of the students couldn’t differ between the manner in which news has to be read and the manner in which a story has to be told.


Martha Hedley

Mathew James (Principal)

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