Reading Assessments

Reading assessments is a method of evaluating the reading abilities & level of an individual. This procedure is widely used in the teaching institutions, kindergartens and schools to determine what reading skills are learnt by the students and what skills need to be revised or strengthen. Such a process includes early reading tools and integrated literacy strategies. A teacher can conduct a reading assessment practice in an individual sitting or in a group. After completing a certain unit, a teacher can use this test to measure how effectively the students have understood the dictated material and taught chapters. Reading assessment requires good general skills that teacher must have to identify the weak students.

Types of Reading Skills:

  • Formal Reading Assessments
  • Informal Reading Assessments
  • Kindergarten Reading Assessment
  • School Reading Assessments, etc

Following mentioned steps should be considered before completing an accurate reading assessment:

  • Draft a reading assessment form for a particular subject or for combined topics. This form must include student’s name, class, section and teacher name.
  • Decide the approach to be used to document the reading assessment such as a norm referenced or criterion referenced. In norm based assessments students of a class are compared with others across a wide population, whereas in the other test, students are compared with same age group students.
  • Choose if the reading assessment to be conducted in a group or by testing an individual student.
  • Follow the defined benchmarks to measure the performance of students and judge if the recorded recital data is acceptable.
  • Draft the effective methods to help the poor students for improving their reading abilities.
  • Complete a reading assessment with teacher’s signatures and school administration seal.

Therefore, a reading assessment helps to judge the reading abilities of an individual.

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