Reading Self Assessment

A reading self assessment is an informal way of figuring out one’s need to read. It delves into the motivation and devotion of a person. It may also form an analysis of a particular text material and the uses served by it. Thus the document should make a notice of the questions and answers helpful in certifying the reading resource.

Sample Reading Self Assessment

Reading self assessment of: Say No to Diet and Yes to Exercise

Name of author: Cecilia Palimony

Date of launch: 6th January, 2010

Date of reading self assessment: 10th June, 2010

Use of the reading self assessment: This assessment will bring out the benefits achieved by the readers and will establish the reliability of the slimming methods prescribed in the book. On that note, the author will plan the sequel to this book.

Findings of the self assessment of reading:

1. 30% readers reported that the book was read to enhance their knowledge about exercises and to bust the myths related to diet, exercise and skincare. The book was found informative and helpful by 70% people.

2. 20% readers reported reading this kind of a book for the first time and finding the whole idea very new and catchy. The concept was found to be alluring to many including adults.

3. 10% people did not feel comfortable with the colloquial language used in the book. On probing, they said that they would have preferred a slightly more formal presentation of the same reading.

4. For some, about 2% people, graphics was what interested them and they liked the animations.

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