Real Estate Career Assessment

A real estate career assessment is one that helps to determine the eligibility of a candidate for a career in real estate. It also helps to understand if the candidate is fit to obtain the real estate license or not. This assessment can be used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate who wishes to take the real estate career path apart from assessing the motivation levels, personality etc.

Sample Real Estate Career Assessment

Name of the candidate – Mr. Jonathan Livingston Seagul

Address of the candidate – #4, Coalville, Leicestershire, London, LE67

Email id of candidate –

Contact number of candidate – 555-111-2222

Please fill the graph given below according to the most suitable level, where you can choose between Good, Satisfactory and Poor:-

Various Real Estate Competencies

Good(Up to the mark and capable of advancing in real estate career)

Satisfactory(Needs Improvement)

Poor(Not suitable for real estate profession)

Good at building relationship with real estate clients
Good communication skills both written and oral
Good listener with good comprehending skills
Good at negotiation and convincing marketing skills
Good persuasive skills
Good cognitive skills
Leadership skills coupled with assertive nature
Good emotional control over day to day activities
Pitch towards professional achievement and individual goal achievement
Dependable and trustworthy attitude
Pleasing personality
Good analytical and budgeting skills
Can work independently
Flexible approach and quick learning capability

Result – The candidate Mr. Jonathan Livingston Seagul is suitable for the real estate profession as he has scored 12 in the above graph.*

**Result – The result obtained from the graph can be evaluated out of the 14 parameters provided above and a candidate scoring good in more than 12 parameters is most suitable for real estate profession. A candidate who obtains below 10 has scope for improvement and a candidate with score below 8 is not suitable for real estate profession.

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