Religious Education Assessment

Religious education assessment outlines the evaluation records of the religious beliefs held by students, lessons being taught to them to enhance their religious knowledge and ensure a liberal outlook, and an overview of the religious practices understood and performed by them. Religious education is a highly sensitive issue that will have lasting effect on the minds of youngsters and influence their mindset for the rest of their lives; hence the assessment should be performed with utmost care and concern.

Sample Religious Education Assessment

Name of the institute: St. Agnes High School for Girls.

Assessment done by: Sister Nikita Maria and Sister Dora.

Purpose of religious education assessment:

  • Basic knowledge of religion: It is important for everyone to have a primary knowledge of all religions, in a true and unbiased sense, to develop in them a favourable outlook towards the world and all people and positivity in life.
  • Moral sense: Students with spiritual knowledge have been observed to be better off than their peers and this moral sense helps them to solve not only many personal complications but also to serve humanity.
  • Worldly security: In this present age of violence and terrorism, religion is the only source providing security to human beings.
  • Technical assistance: We believe religion is no enemy of science, rather they coexist to achieve greater goals and that is why we include religious education as an important part of our curriculum.

Assessment procedure:

  • Students are to be given all information regarding religion which complies with their syllabus.
  • An interactive session is to be held where students can express their views, which will also help teachers to assess if they have well understood all concepts in the correct sense as they were taught.
  • Students should develop a general outlook of all religious practices and imply them in daily lives.

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