Retail Market Assessment

A retail market assessment is an exercise by which a product and its reception in the market are assessed. The current conditions of the retail market, the reception that will be accorded to a product, the need for the product are some of the aspects that are usually examined in a retail market assessment. It has to be done carefully with a lot of planning. In a retail market assessment, the factors that will be assessed must be selected most carefully, and the findings presented in an interesting manner.

Sample Retail Market Assessment:

Retail market assessment conducted by: Jensen Market Analyzers Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of retail market assessment report: 13th June 2012

Retail market assessment done on behalf of: Massi Instant Noodle

Product for which a retail market assessment was conducted: Massi Bolognese Pasta

Purpose of the retail market assessment:

  • To examine the need of the product in the current retail market sector. This will enable us to direct our clients as to when can be the best time for launching the said product.
  • To ensure that the product does reap the benefit of a supply demand nexus. This shall create a better reception for the product.
  • To survey similar products and their performance in the retail market sector.

Findings of the retail market assessment [a brief extract]:

  • The product shall be well received due to the brand name and the brand equity of the clients.
  • They also have the first mover advantage as Instant Pasta is not a saturated section in the retail market.

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