Risk Assessment Form

A risk assessment form contains various questions to be filled by a company where its answers are used by a risk assessment agency to evaluate the various risks associated with the operations of the organization. Companies often hire consultants who conduct general or specific risk assessment and help suggest ways of protecting the different aspects of the company and also suggest measures of countering those risks. The different types of risk assessment forms may refer to financial risks, health risks, fire risks, general safety risks and so on. By reading the responses of the organization, the consultant offers its solutions on staying away from those risks.

Sample Risk Assessment Form:

Risk assessment made by: ______________

Name of company: ______________

Owner’s name: ______________

Type of company: ______________

Year of establishment: ______________

Address: ______________

Objective of assessment: ______________

Name of project: ______________

List all the hazardous materials, chemicals or devices to be used in the project for which you don’t need pre-approval. ______________

Identify the risks involved with their usage. ______________

What safety precautions will be taken to avoid these risks? ______________

On a scale of 1 to 10, how aware are your employees about dealing with these hazardous materials? ______________

Do your workers know how to dispose the materials safely? ______________

Have they passed all the training programs related to the handling of these chemicals? ______________

Where have you received your training and information regarding these projects and chemicals? ______________

Have there been any accidents or untoward incidents related to handling or disposal of these materials? ______________

Name of supervisor:





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