Risk Assessment format

A risk assessment format should present the outline of the quantitative process for analysing the risks that are present in various situations and circumstances and involves the calculation of profit and loss. The format of assessment should enlist the clear details of the potential dangers of losses and threats to injury or employees that the company might have to deal with later. The risk should be assessed by professionals and confirmed by other authorities who have also gained awareness about the existing dangers and risks.

Sample Risk Assessment Format

Name of the respondent____________________________

Post/Designation in the office________________________


First paragraph- The very first paragraph of the risk assessment format should give a clear and exact reason as to why this assessment is conducted. If the purpose is stated clearly then the respondents can respond quickly by following everything the format tries to convey. This paragraph should be elaborated keeping in mind the quantitative strength of the company or institution.

Second paragraph- The second paragraph is perhaps the most significant paragraph of the whole format. Various factors and steps of assessment like the theoretical questionnaire, practical interviewing to receive individual feedback, creation of checklists, trying models for risk assessment that could ensure audit trials, system for credit management, managing al the official data in an organised manner, trying out new measures to ensure safety and security should be emphasized here. There should be a detailed belabouring of these assessment procedures to ensure that the document has an outline of the process so as to eliminate any backlogs.

Third paragraph- The last paragraph should concentrate on analysing and evaluating the feedback of people who thinks there are risks involved in their work.

Remark on Assessment____________________

Signature of Authority._______________________

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