Risk Assessment Template

Risk assessments are quantitative approach for studying the risk related to situations and threats by calculating and assuming the associated risk factors. Therefore, certain risks could be eliminated through an effective risk assessment template which must outline the essential points.

Sample Risk Assessment Template

Name of the respondent ______________________ [name of the respondent who is answering the assessment]

Date of conducting the assessment __________________ [dd/mm/yy]

Purpose of risk assessment: [elucidate the detailed overview of the purpose for which the assessment is being conducted]


Tools used for assessing the risk factors: [mention what are the tools used for assessing the risks]

  • _______________[name of the tool 1]

____________________ [description of tool 1]

  • _______________[name of the tool 2]

____________________ [description of tool 2]

  • _______________[name of the tool 3]

____________________ [description of tool 3]

What are the risk factors associated with the place and work you perform: [mention the overall associated risk factors and describe its hazards elaborately]

  • _____________ [name of risk factor 1]

___________________________ [description of risk factor 1]

  • _____________ [name of risk factor 2]

___________________________ [description of risk factor 2]

  • _____________ [name of risk factor 3]

___________________________ [description of risk factor 3]

According to you suggest plans how to eliminate the risk factors?


Do you think it would take time to eliminate risks and threats completely?


Do you think this assessment would be effective and the present risks would be eliminated with the new plans implemented?


How much will you rate the present risky situations on a scale of 10?


Download Risk Assessment Template

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