Safety Skills Assessment

Safety skills are something that ought to be acquired by one and all in order to lead a healthy life. Thus, safety skills assessments are tools that help one analyze the safety skills one possesses and thereby, suggests ways by which one can overcome one’s shortcomings. Knowing the safety skills intimately also instills in one the confidence to face disasters or crises situations and equips one with the necessary life skills.

Sample Safety Skills Assessment

Safety skills assessment of: Christina Hazlitt

Assessment presided by: Vicky Geller

Date of conduction of the assessment: December 4, 2012

Basic criteria: The assessment test is based on three major skills:

  • Reflexes
  • Common sense
  • Presence of mind

Process: The assessment test is primarily a psychological one. The individual is asked a volley of questions wherein she is given a few situations in order to observe her reactions. The assessment is based on the response pattern traced by her answer to those questions.


Plus points:

  • The individual is found to be extremely swift in her reflexes.
  • Knowledge of imminent disasters, the risks involved and the remedies that might be taken are all within her fingertips.
  • The individual has an impressive grasp of the traffic and safety rules to be followed at her residence or workplace.

Minus points:

  • Lack of common sense. Tends to get nervous which in turn jeopardizes the chances of applying common sense.
  • Weak presence of mind. The shock of the disaster often goes on to benumb thoughts and delay responses.

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