Sample Business Assessment

A sample business assessment is one which indicates the strengths and weaknesses of a business enterprise that is already running or will be launched. It assesses the benefits of the project, the risks associated and the means of overcoming those risks. A sample business assessment must be written carefully keeping all factors in consideration.

Sample Business Assessment

Name of business: Remora’s Boutique

Nature of business: Remora’s Boutique is a small home centered boutique run by Remora Rogers from her home off Mapleton Avenue, New York. However, it caters to an exclusive clientele with many Hollywood celebs being regular patrons of this small but niche boutique. She mainly deals in garments, but shoes and bags and other accessories also form part of her chain.

Prices start from: $400000

Pros of the business enterprise:

  • The small boutique has already created quite a name for itself in fashion circles. Because it caters to a well heeled clientele, offers are not short in coming.
  • The business is manned by the owner and her husband. Since it is a family run enterprise, the cost of organization is considerably low. Apart from the husband wife duo, the boutique employs a staff of five. The clothes are designed by the owner herself.


  • The location of the boutique is not easily accessible. It is an exclusive boutique but the location is not as upscale as would seem apt.
  • The boutique does not offer a medium priced range for customers, which tends to cut down on the available market significantly.

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