Sample Education Assessment

A sample education assessment is a document which outlines and identifies the pros and cons of a certain educational program or institution. A sample education assessment can investigate both an educational course and an institution. Depending on the nature of the assessment, the sample education assessment will vary.

Sample Education Assessment

Name of educational institutions: Greenfields High School for Girls

Year of establishment: 1992

Current student strength: 1092 students

Current staff strength: 50 teaching staff and 25 non teaching staff

Board affiliated to: Council for Higher Education [C.H.S.]


  • The school has already carved a name for itself by its stupendous results in the short time since its establishment.
  • Its reasonable fees make it a popular choice for most parents in the area. Its excellent reputation as a sports hub also makes it an attractive option for students interested in sports.
  • The school also has the reputation of hiring the most experienced teachers as a part of its teaching staff. They are all scholars in their own field and their presence to nurture the young talent pool in the school makes it incredibly popular.


  • The school faces a lack of space which restricts it from organizing sports meets or other programs involving a large audience at a short notice. The cramped interiors must be expanded, or a different compound used, if the school is to develop its sporting and extracurricular opportunities.
  • The school also needs t increase the teacher intake as the current teacher student ratio is not sufficient for a burgeoning school.

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