Sample Employee Assessment

Sample employee assessment is a procedure to assess and evaluate the employees working in an organization. It focuses on the determination of the internal characteristics of the employee including his personality and interests and overt behaviours manifested in his performance. Therefore, employee assessment gives an overall judgement about the employee and his performance.

Sample Employee Assessment

Name of the organization: Future Group of Bankers

Assessment prepared by: Rose Maywood, HR department head.

Description of the assessment:

The banking sector has got a real boost post recession. People have turned to their banks for emotional and financial support. As a result a huge share of the burden has fallen on the employees. We check if the employees are being able to function efficiently and live up to the expectations of the customers.

Benefits derived from the project:

  • Objective assessment of employees would pave the way for quality administration like pay, promotion and classification.
  • The learning skills and personality dimensions of the employees can be easily understood for placement.

Considerations to be made:

Reliable and experienced HR professionals must be appointed to carry out employee assessment. We also need customer feedback and company records to know the level of accomplishments made by bank employees.

Bank employee assessment:

  • The financial schemes and loan facilities are not very customer friendly which employees need to consider redesigning.
  • Employees are not efficient enough to handle complaints and solve problems faced by customers.
  • The security of the bank premises is not as tight as that of the neighbouring banks in the area.

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