Sample Health Assessment

Health assessment refers to the study of health factors and conditions of a certain group of population. It is required in hospitals and rehabilitation centres for knowledge and understanding of the current health status. It gives an insight to the life style and health habits of people with the help of which pharmacologists and health experts can invent suitable medicines.

Sample Health Assessment

Name of the organization: South Point Nursing Home

Assessment prepared by: Bay Eastwood, Supervisor of Pathological Unit.

Description of the assessment:

We identify the needs of the patients who come with various health problems like organ defects, cardiac problems, physical deformities, stress disorders, inflammatory diseases and other chronic illnesses. We sort out the health problems and devise treatment strategies and plan the tending to the concerned person.

Benefits derived from the project:

  • The patient’s problems are properly addressed and diagnosed which increases the patient’s awareness and understanding.
  • The client is encouraged to adopt health affirming diet and practices to avoid the emergence of the illness again.

Considerations to be made:

Well read and experienced radiologists and pathologists need to be appointed for the work on health assessment. We conduct pathological tests and scan verbal reports to get to the root of the illness.

Health assessment:

  • The patient suffers from hypertension and high blood sugar.
  • The client carries a huge risk of coronary thrombosis and other serious illnesses like cancer.
  • The client has poor vision and the vital organs are greatly affected especially kidney which is damaged to a considerable extent.

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