Sample Home Assessment

A sample home assessment is a thorough evaluation of a residential property with all attendant features. A sample home assessment can be of various kinds like tax assessment, price assessment, and security assessment and so on. Hence it is imperative that the specific cause of the homes assessment must be mentioned in order to make the purpose of the assessment clear and transparent. A sample home assessment can be done by individuals who stay in the property or by an externally hired agency.

Sample Home Assessment:

Nature of property to be assessed: residential property, currently unoccupied and up for sale

Location of property: 67 Curtis Roy Avenue, San Francisco

Home assessment conducted by: Lee Jones, Chief Officer, Property Assessment Division, Real Broker Pvt. Ltd.

Date of home assessment: 1st June 2011

Home assessment done on behalf of: Laila Merchant, 34 Madison Gardens, New York

Purpose of home assessment: The client wishes to purchase the property mentioned above. This home assessment is designed to identify our client’s needs and to determine whether the property in question is suited to them. Our recommendations are in no way binding on the client.

The following is a brief summary of how the property in question scored on the various aspects on which it was tested: [All scores are on a scale of ten]

  • Accessibility: 6
  • Location of property: 7
  • Size and vastness: 6
  • Proximity to shopping centers, healthcare services, public transport: 6
  • Design and convenience for elderly residents: 5
  • Privacy: 8

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