Sample Insurance Assessment

A sample insurance assessment refers to the systematic process of delineating the features of the insurance policies that may run certain risks. It delves into the plans and models to bring out the flaws in them in a just manner. Thus it should be prepared by experts who have considerable training in this field for valid duration of time.

Sample Insurance Assessment

Company Name: Go Getters

Nature of insurance: Property and casualty

Business Motto: We strive to frame the policies in a custom-made manner so that customers from all age brackets and socio-economic status can avail our services and enter into a business relationship with us for the length of time they wish to.

Person who did the insurance assessment: David Love

Date when the insurance assessment was done: 9th December, 2010

Objective of the insurance assessment: The assessment is a part of an annual examination of the agency’s policy structure which is conducted at the end of the year on the basis of customer views to change the faulty elements of the structure.


Rules: The regulations to start or terminate contracts with the insurance agents are comparatively simple and do not force the customer to engage into a series of lengthy formalities.

Employment: The agents employed in the company are trained for six months at a stretch and then examined via standard procedures to see if they are fit for the role of an agent and if any particular skill is lacking.

Concept: The general concepts are developed after extensive market survey and research thus establishing their validity and reliability.


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