Sample IT Assessment

A sample IT assessment is an exercise whereby the IT connectivity and utilization of a particular company or business organization is checked and surveyed. Changes suggested must be incorporated in order to ensure foolproof IT connectivity. Such an assessment is usually leased out to professional IT assessment agencies for a fee. A periodic analysis and review of the IT systems of the company is necessary to ensure that it works smoothly.

Sample IT Assessment:

IT assessment conducted by: E Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Date of conducting the IT assessment: 23rd June 2011

Client company for which the IT assessment is to be done: Strakeys Pvt. Ltd.

Findings of the IT assessment: [for a complete list please contact our personnel at the numbers provided below]

  • 23 computers connected by three unmanaged CISCO SD17 desktop switches in a wireless LAN network. Connections secure.
  • The wireless LAN network is compatible with Apple phones as well. Single access point.
  • Wi-Fi strength is suitable for the office. However, in case of increasing office or PC strength, the Wi-Fi connection will have to be increased simultaneously.

Changes that have to be made in the process:

  • There is a lack of proper documentation of network routes. In case of a major fault, the device or network route responsible for the system tripping can only be found out with great difficulty.
  • A detailed network diagram must be developed at the earliest.
  • IT training of personnel must be increased as well.

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