Sample Job Assessment

A sample job assessment is one which analyzes the nature of a job, its strengths and weaknesses. It may be conducted by the company offering the job position or by an external agency which specializes in analytical exercises. A job assessment must be unbiased and relevant, and it should go a long way in clearing the doubts of prospective employees.

Sample Job Assessment

Name of job: Salesman for Kino’s Home Appliances.

Nature of job: This particular job involves a lot of travelling on foot as well as excellent communication skills. This is an integral part of the job. Our range of home appliances also has prime advertising space for themselves. However, the position of a hands on salesman is the most important as it ensures a direct connect with our customers.

Skills needed:

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Patience and remarkable abilities to convince without being overbearing or imposing.
  • A thorough grasp of the product and the ability to demonstrate all its functions.
  • The ability to put in long hours of work and great efficiency.
  • An awareness of the nature of the job and its challenges.

Salary offered per month: A basic salary of $100 will be offered to the employee. This is exclusive of the commission he will draw based on monthly sales.

Educational qualifications required: The candidate should be a graduate in any field, with some prior experience in selling preferably.

Scope for promotion: There is a decent scope for promotion once an employee has demonstrated an admirable performance.

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