Sample Leadership Assessment

A sample leadership assessment is one which outlines and identifies the leadership qualities of potential leaders. Such leadership assessments are carried out at various levels including colleges and offices. They are a good way to judge a person’s character and his capacity to lead others without being domineering or overbearing.

Sample Leadership Assessment

Name of candidate: Joseph Halls

Date of birth: 13th May 2011

Topic: Leadership Assessment by PFR Performances Pvt. Ltd.

Job positing sought: Assistant manager at Arm Dale Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Purpose of leadership assessment:

  • This leadership assessment test is conducted on all candidates who apply for certain positions at Arm Dale.
  • We have been involved with Arm Dale’s recruitment process for over ten years.
  • We know exactly what is it that they are looking for in their employees when they ask for leadership skills.

Factors on which this leadership assessment is based:

  • The candidate’s desire to succeed in his job.
  • His grit and determination in the face of obstacles.
  • His innate leadership skills.

Tests designed for this leadership assessment exercise:

A variant of the Briggs-Myers test has been sued for this leadership assessment [Check overleaf for more details]. The overall scores have been tallied with reports from the selection panel in order to form an index which is the final basis on which candidates are judged.

Findings in this leadership Assessment:

Leadership potential of Joseph Halls: 67%

Mr. Halls is eminently suitable for jobs which invest him with a great deal of responsibility. He is confident, determined and responsible and shall discharge his duties with care as well as guide those who will work under him.

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