Sample Office Assessment

A sample office assessment is a document which outlines the merits and demerits of an office or a company. It is based on an assessment of several factors and also includes a number of other factors like employee satisfaction. A sample office assessment must be carefully written and the process of assessment must be clearly outlined.

Sample Office Assessment

Name of office: the New York Branch of Price Man Software Pvt. Ltd.

Year of establishment: 1990

Nature of office: Prime Man Software is a premium software development company and computer brand with offices and outlets in all states of the US. The New York branch of the company, located at Walker Street, primarily serves as their retail outlet. Their range of laptops and desktops, as well as notebooks, mp3 players and other gadgets are housed here. It also doubles up as their New York office.

Office assessment conducted by: Dataone Statistics Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of office assessment report: 23rd June 2011

Areas that impress:

  • The retail outlet is extremely well stocked with all the latest equipment the company has designed.
  • It is extremely user friendly and the staff is courteous and helpful.
  • The retail outlet also stocks up on the best accessories for their PCs, laptops and notebooks.
  • The staff is extremely knowledgeable.
  • The location of the store cum office is excellent and easily accessible.

Areas of concern:

  • The outlet does not include a service centre.
  • Paucity of staff is a crucial issue that needs to be addressed soon.

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