Sample Personality Assessment

A sample personality assessment can be used for a multitude of purposes. Often, companies conduct personality tests to gauge the suitability of employees for certain jobs. They can also be sued to determine ones choice of career in a general sense. A number of personality tests are the norm, followed by a close assessment of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

Sample Personality Assessment

Name of candidate: Martha Jacobson

Personality test conducted by: The Human Resources Department of JNM Motors Pvt. Ltd.

Purpose of personality assessment:

  • This personality assessment is a routine test carried out during the process of recruitment.
  • It is designed to highlight a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses which help us to deicide the position he or she is suited for.
  • Our personality test is a combination of the Briggs-Myers test and the Strong Interest Inventory Test.
  • It is purely designed for a professional purpose and does not impact a candidate’s chance of securing a job. That is decided solely on the merit of the applicant.

Age of candidate: 23 years

Academic qualification: M. Tech. in Automobile Engineering, NYU


  • The candidate has strong leadership qualities which make her suited for helming jobs which involve high levels of stress.
  • The candidate also has a sharp analytical mind which will excel in logical reasoning. She has shown aptitude for analytical reasoning and will do well in fields involving this facet.
  • The candidate has also shown a strong desire to set an example in the work she will do, and thus her enthusiasm and dedication will stand her in good stead.
  • She shows a great deal of doggedness and perseverance as well.

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