Sample Property Assessment

A sample property assessment is an official evaluation of a property. It encompasses the positive and negative sides of a property which is to be put on sale. This is required for close estimation of the property’s price and advertisement of the property. It should be done by experienced officials to enable the owner reach a certain consensus with the customer.

Sample Property Assessment

Name of the agency: Olton Property Dealers

Year of establishment: 1880

Assessment prepared by: Frey Olton, Real Estate Group Manager.

Location of the property: 435, Cherry Hill, New York.

Purpose of the assessment: The rights of the Duscan Electronic Goods, the proprietor of which was Mr Gem Duscan, have been sold to our company on 12th January, 2011. We are looking for a client who is interested in buying the property rights from us. So we have laid down the assets and the drawbacks of the concerned property.


  • The company has an excellent customer base in the entire city of New York and beyond.
  • A good number of foreign orders are lined up waiting to be fulfilled by the company. Some more companies are yet to pass their tenders which have a probability of being in the favour of this company.


  • The management structure is not well suited which has been the reason of downfall of the proprietorship. There is an immediate need for change of management.
  • The quality of goods has been made remarkably high-class but at the cost of the marketing of goods which demands an urgent need for efficient marketers.

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