Sample Psychological Assessment

A sample psychological assessment is a formalized record of the psychological conditions of an individual. Skilled practitioners are hired to diagnose, treat and counsel people with any psychological distress. People seek psychological assistance when they feel they can not handle it on their own which, in turn, elicits the need for a psychological assessment.

Sample Psychological Assessment

Name of psychological institution: Centre for Psychological Care

Year of foundation: 1880

Qualification of practising doctors: Research scholars with PhD degrees

Family background: Patient’s family consists of 3 members, his father, mother and patient himself. There is no recorded evidence of any major illness, accident or abuse in the family.

Developmental history: The patient had a habit of stuttering as a child for which he had been taunted by peers at times. This had led to an onset of prolonged stress during the growing up years.

Medical history: The concerned patient has a medical history of a mild head injury at the age of 10 years. It had taken one week for the injury to subside fully.

Work-related stress: The patient works in the corporate sector and is reported to have complained about the work load often. On days, he had withdrawn himself and refused to talk to anybody.

Familial relationships: Client often picks up feuds which create tension between him and his family due to his inability to control anger.

Insight: The patient has sound insight into his own conflicts, inhibitions and emotional tension.

Abstract and concrete intelligence: The client is said to have no serious problem with making judgements and cognitive work like problem-solving and decision-making.

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