Sample Reading Assessment

A reading assessment is basically a document prepared for those individuals whose reading skills are being put to test. A sample reading assessment outlines the document used to read properly and understand the particular text from the correct perspective serves as an important factor for determining the individual’s ability to comprehend certain things and often prepared to denote certain abilities.

Sample Reading Assessment

Name of the candidate: Joey Stevenson

Age: 8 years

School: St. Thomas Boys’ High School

Date of Assessment: 14th June, 2011

Description of the assessment:

Joey was presented before a panel of experts who conducted a series of related tests on him and prepared reports separately. The various tests included recognition of simple and slightly difficult words as well, vocabulary skills, pronunciations and reading orally, comprehending the reading material.

  • Recognizing words:

Joey could recognize an average of 8 out of 10 words that were of the 3rd grade level and some 6-7 words from higher grade levels. Vowels and consonants were not at all a problem but he did face difficulties in pronouncing words that exhibited phonetic irregularities, such as instances where certain words are meant to be silent, for example, hour, honest, pneumonia, etc. Suffixes and prefixes could also be recognized and well pronounced and he was observed to have quite a good hold over syllables. Rhyming words were pronounced with 75% accuracy whereas diphthongs could be recognized in as much as 60%

  • Oral skills:

When asked to read a given text, Joey performed very well and scored as high as 95%. His overall reading ability, at his level, is undoubtedly good.

  • Comprehensive skills:

Joey could easily comprehend the reading material with an average 80% accuracy.

Identification of disability:

Result of assessment: Joey was thoroughly assessed and the results suggest him to be quite efficient in reading, with no such disabilities as dyslexia.

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