Sample Risk Assessment

A sample risk assessment is a process of identifying and recording the risks blanketing a job or an undertaking. This lays bare the negative points of a particular task and alerts the undertaker. It should be done effectively so that all the shortcomings of the concerned project are brought to the limelight.

Sample Risk Assessment

Name of the organization requiring a risk assessment: Steel Factory

Name of the job for which risk assessment is required: Coal mining

Body which has been approached for this purpose: Coal Miners’ Association, Florida.

Nature of work: Coal miners are required to work under the ground to extract coal in abundance for manufacturing of steel, cement and diamonds and to generate electricity. Underground mining in the collieries are very dangerous for the health of the workers and for safety of the surrounding environment. There are many historical incidents that stand witness to the disasters occurring in coal mines.

Health hazards:

  • Prolonged working in high temperatures has adverse effects on the health. It not only causes discomfort and irritation taking the attention away from the work but also makes the worker more susceptible to serious illnesses.
  • Due to lack of oxygen, workers develop lung diseases. One such noteworthy disease is the pneumoconiosis.
  • Due to exposure to harmful gases, like methane and carbon monoxide, workers suffer from suffocation and breathing disorders.

Environmental hazards:

  • Surface mining is dangerous for the vegetation and plant life.
  • Coal mining degenerates soil quality, creates air pollution and destroys habitats.
  • The waste products are released into the rivers and consequently cause water pollution.

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