Sample Security Assessment

A sample security assessment is a document which investigates the security concerns of an establishment, be it a private residence or an office. It must present, in a coherent and clear manner, the security threats to the building and then present a list of the methods by which such a threat might be mitigated. It is a valuable document due to its role in preventing mishaps.

Sample Security Assessment

Name of building for which a security assessment is being prepared: Sky Towers

Location: 34B, Westwood Street, New Jersey

Security agency in charge of security assessment and solutions: Private Eye Security Firm Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of building: Sky Towers is a residential building with a niche clientele. The well heeled and the politically connected live here. It is a posh address, located in the equally upscale Westwood Street and hence, its security assessment is particularly vital. The high profile residents make a strong security system an absolute necessity.

Security risks to the building at present:

  • The location of Westwood Street lies in close proximity to Harley Street which can adequately be described as lowlife.
  • It is a drug den and the unsavory elements which prowl the streets makes Westwood Street unsafe especially after hours.
  • The high profile residents include many Hollywood celebrities who are vulnerable to the threats of stalkers despite their own personal security.

Security Solutions:

  • Round the clock manning of the compound of Sky Towers by security personnel in uniform.
  • Use of close circuit surveillance cameras in order to detect any suspicious elements.
  • Direct connection to the police in case of emergencies.

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