Sample Self Assessment

A sample self assessment is a process which depicts the result of a person’s study of his own attributes and personality structure. The result primarily underlines those traits that are measurable with objective or introspective techniques. Thus the document should be written analytically to evaluate the relevance of the person’s traits in an organizational milieu.

Sample Self Assessment

Self assessment conducted by: Tony Leman

Date of birth: 8th January, 1980

Occupation: Student

Career objective: To become a responsible and understanding teacher of middle school

Aim: This self assessment is to explore the areas in which I feel I am not confident enough and need a thorough check for immediate improvement in order to fit myself into the role of a good teacher in an organization.

Domains of Assessment:

1. Language: I am usually good in English but sometimes I have noticed silly mistakes and grammatical errors in my writing that make me highly embarrassed. I feel I need to work on it a bit more to reach a slightly more than the standard expectation of teachers.

2. Understanding of others: Since it is greatly necessary to be able to understand the needs and feelings of young children, understanding and communication skill is very important in this regard which I possess to a great extent. Since childhood I have been an active listener.

3. Affinity towards job: I believe this job is one of the best jobs that I can die for. It will keep me challenged all the time and my ability to deal with challenges will be a huge plus point.

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