Sample Skills Assessment

A sample skills assessment indicates the analysis of a set of abilities required for particular job or profession. It must be achieved with a degree of understanding and knowledge about the profession so that the assessment is authentic and the skills identified are true to the profession.

Sample Skills Assessment

Name of the organization applying for skills assessment: Centre for Sports and other activities

Name of the profession: Football player

Name of the agency hired for this purpose: Fructose Gem, HD Consultant.

Basic Requirements for pursuing the profession:

  • One must have a knack for sports. The interest should be developed from within rather than imposed from outside to lay the foundation for the future commitment towards a game.
  • Training and practice should be started as early as possible since children are more easily mouldable than adults.

Skills and abilities required:

  • A football player must be well built and athletic. He must have good command over movement of body muscles.
  • He must have a commendable ability to concentrate and focus on the game.
  • A great deal of energy is a prerequisite for a football game.

Uses of the above-mentioned skills:

  • An athletic person can easily direct and move his body the way he wants to which is a huge advantage in a sports like football.
  • The faculties of concentration and attention, if exercised regularly, hold the ability to make a person well-organized and disciplined.
  • The person is expected to be energetic and agile so that he can play for a great length of time.

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