Sample Sports Assessment

A sample sports assessment document is one which outlines the current sports situation of an organization, like a school or college or a sports team, and also proposes changes for improvement. It must be compiled by persons trained in handling such exercises and with knowledge of sports, of course. They are crucial documents which can affect the way sport is perceived in an organization.

Sample Sports Assessment

Name of organization which shall come under the purview of the sports assessment: Green Park High School for Boys.

Year of establishment: 2001

Sports assessment conducted by: Game Changers Sports Brand Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of sports assessment report: 31st March 2011

Factors considered in the sports assessment:

  • Number of students
  • Current sporting activities organized by the school
  • Overall performance of the school in sporting events
  • Facilities provided by the school for training
  • Equipment provided by the school
  • Sporting atmosphere of the school
  • Number of teachers equipped in imparting physical education to students
  • The esteem in which sports is held in the school

Areas which impressed us: Green Park has a long established sporting tradition which has seen the emergence of players in baseball who have won national acclaim. Apart from baseball, which is the chief sporting activity practiced in the school; it also boasts f an enviable record of table tennis and lawn tennis players who have won recognition.

Drawbacks: The area of the school does not permit too much mobility and the practice f hiring space is untenable. Also, the equipment in the gyms is not up to the mark and need immediate replacement. The dedication of the staff is however, commendable.

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