Sample Student Assessment

The sample student assessment is an important document that is used to examine and identify the achievements and shortcomings of an individual student. The document serves the purpose of understanding the student capability of learning and helps to implement the necessary steps to improve the student’s overall performance. The sample student assessment is done by the teacher of the concern student under the supervision of a particular educational institution. However, the lineaments of such student assessments vary from student to student according to the purpose.

Sample Student Assessment:

Name of Student: Nina Gomes

Name of Teacher conducting the assessment: Ms. Martina Gomez

Name of Institution: Fairview Elementary School for Girls

Purpose of Student Assessment:

Miss Gomez is a 7th grade student who has recently started showing decline in her academic scores. She has been involved in the girls’ hockey team as well as a member of the chess club.

Factors Considered:

  • Score of recent test and assignments
  • Attendance on the class
  • Participation in class activities
  • Responsiveness in each class
  • Attitude towards completing the class work and home work
  • Comparison of score with previous year

Scope for Improvement:

  • Miss Nina Gomes has shown extraordinary decline in her World History and Mathematics subject. She is, therefore, assigned to Mr. Ray Bert for extra classes after school. Mr. Ray Bert is the Ms Martina Gomez’s assistant and is well trained to tutor Miss Nina Gomes.
  • Miss Nina Gomes has been given the ultimatum to improve her grades by the end of the academic year or she will be removed from the girls’ hockey team from next year.

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