Sample Teacher Assessment

Teacher assessments are a very important tool that helps in assessing the capabilities of a given teacher and becomes his/her portfolio of performances that helps in comparison at later times. They are usually conducted by authorities of the candidate’s work organization or by an independent organization providing surveys and results that helps candidate correct their errors for better results.

Sample Teacher Assessment

Name: Will Smith.

Age: 24years.

School/College of candidate: St. Jones’s College of applied arts.

Date of evaluation: May 21, 2012

Conducted by: St. Columbus Assessment foundations, New Jersey

Tests undertaken by the candidate:

  • Fluency at reading aloud and answering questions: This test is conducted by asking the candidate to read aloud a whole paragraph in front of a class and then to answer questions that the students ask frequently. Score 17 on 20 in this round.
  • Writing and vocabulary test: This is a test in which the candidate is asked to write an essay of 1000 words in topics ranging from child development and teaching techniques. The candidate showed good vocabulary skills and was awarded 16 out of 20 in this test.
  • Mental strengths and positive vibes: This test is a very important one as it is on these two factors that the teacher must be good at to impart the same to the student under his/her care. Mental strength at handling situations and giving out positive vibes at the toughest moments of crisis in a class are the parameters for this test. The result is 17 on 20 for this test.

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