Sample Technology Assessment

A sample technology assessment is an investigation into the technological capacity and infrastructure of a particular institution, field or area. For example, a hospital technology assessment involves outlining the use of technology in a hospital or nursing home and the benefits ensuing thereby. There can be many different kinds of technology assessments and they must be presented in the form of a written report. Sample technology assessments must be precise, to the point and focused.

Sample Technology Assessment:

Technology assessment conducted by: Tech Savers Pvt. Ltd.

Technology assessment conducted on behalf of: Sprindale Garden School, 34 Ritchie Road, London

Purpose of technology assessment:

  • To ensure that the school in question is equipped to handle its vast influx of students with the appropriate technological resources.
  • To enable the school to adopt new and interactive teaching method creating keen interest in the students, and helping teachers in conveying an idea properly.

Date of submission of technology assessment report: 3rd June 2012

Technology report submitted to: Dr. John Grover, Dean of School Administration

Conclusions obtained in the technology assessment [A brief extract]:

  • Currently, the school is not equipped with EduSmart Systems, which will allow the school to completely revamp its way of delivering education to students.
  • The current number of computer terminals must also be increased from 12 to around 35, so that every student can get access to superior archives of knowledge.
  • The central office of the school must be connected, through an intercom system, to the rest of the buildings and classes. This will make the movement of information faster.

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