SAS Skills Assessment

SAS or statistical analysis system has become an integral part of system analysis in today’s corporate world. Hence SAS skills remain one of the most common criteria for most jobs in today’s world. SAS skills assessment thus aims to analyze a candidate’s SAS programming techniques and thereby test his competency.

Sample SAS Skills Assessment

Name of the candidate: Proserpine Vye

Date: October 16, 2012

Levels of assessment: The assessment analyzes SAS skills of persons by first identifying the level as per which they should be judged. The three levels are:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Purpose: The aim of the assessment is to understand and evaluate one’s SAS programming skills and therein identify one’s strengths and weaknesses so that the weak areas may be addressed with extra care.

Results of the assessment:

  • The candidate is well consolidated and has a thorough knowledge of the concepts of SAS programming.
  • The candidate is extremely skillful in presenting hair splitting analysis of the statistical data provided.
  • The candidate possesses an extremely shrewd and sharp mind that enables her to perform an objective unemotional analysis.
  • Retrieval, mining and management seem to be her forte as a SAS programmer.
  • Lack of confidence. The candidate, though solidly consolidated, seems to become nervous while handling big projects making her fumble with facts that mostly go on to cost her the project.

Conclusion: The candidate shows immense promise as a competent SAS programmer. However, in order to boost her SAS skills the candidate must attempt certain psychological exercises to work on the confidence level.

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