School Health Assessment

A school health assessment is a powerful tool which is aimed at ensuring that the students of particular schools pass the mandatory health checks. Such health checks are conducted by the government or by private agencies. They provide an enlightening account of child health across a broad spectrum, as schools accommodate students from a variety of backgrounds. Thus, the most common areas of concern can be discovered and corrective measures can be implemented.

Sample School Health Assessment:

Name of school undergoing the school health assessment: Sun Park High School

Address: 12B Manhattan Main Street, New York

Number of students: 2100

School health assessment conducted by: Ministry of Health, Government of United States

Purpose of school health assessment:

  • This school health assessment is a good indication of the health problems plaguing the youth of today. Schools offer a broad spectrum of children of all backgrounds, ages and medical histories. The common problems that students undergo during this period are relevant to the health of children in general.
  • School health assessments are also important for their archival value and use in further references. They are an accurate indication of what measures need to be incorporated in order to ensure effective chid health protection, which is the least we can ensure for children who are going to be the future of our country.

Common malaises found among children aged 6 to 15: Obesity, Myopia, Vitamin deficiency, Anaemia.

Preventive measures taken: Every school has been requested to monitor the health of their wards closely, in conjunction with parents and guardians.

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