School Student Assessment

A school student assessment is basically a tool that is used by institutions/organizations to analyze the performances of an individual school student. This helps to recommend and adopt ways of fulfilling his/her shortcomings for better results in the future and to keep a periodical of his/her record for future analysis.

Sample School Student Assessment

Date of reading assessment: 23rd January 2009.

Tests conducted by:               Mr. Sam Richards, Class Teacher, Standard 4.

Name of student:                   Richa Rayson.

Age:                                        13

School:                                    Sheffield City School

Class:                                      Standard 4

  • Reading and Pronunciation: The student has scored 6 out of 10 in this section of the reading assessment. The candidate was asked to read a passage of 250 words from a popular novel suitable for her age.
  • Comprehension answering:  The candidate was asked to read a certain portion of a certain text and was then asked to write answers about several questions corresponding to the text. The candidate has fared very well with a score of 8.5 out of 10 in this section. She understands the text very well and has written excellent answers using her own vocabulary that are both appropriate and also grammatically correct.
  • Memory Skills: Richa was asked to study various objects like fruits, flowers, and numbers and alphabets. These objects were then taken away and the candidate was asked to answer various questions regarding them. Richa received 12 marks out of the total of 15.
  • Numerical skills: The candidate was asked to solve simple arithmetic problems of division and set calculations. She received 4 out of 15 here. This section needs improvement.

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