Science Education Assessment

A science education assessment is a very important document in the present scenario of technological development. It is a layout that evaluates the scientific literacy of students and their response towards this aspect of education. Science is the fundamental concept ruling the world today and it is thus very important that the future citizens be given the proper training and education to excel in the same.

Sample Science Education Assessment

Name of the school where science education is being assessed: Jonathan High School

Assessment sheet prepared by: Mr. David Swift

Senior teacher

Science faculty

Date of assessment: 17th August, 2011

Students subject to the assessment: Class – X students of section B/ II.

Procedure for assessment:

  • Firstly, each lesson from the text book is to be taught thoroughly and it is the student’s responsibility to follow the class and make all his concepts clear.
  • There will be practical classes well distributed throughout the week’s routine.
  • Daily life experiences are to be discussed and phenomenon explained from the same.
  • Students will be asked to prepare various science projects and also explain them. They will be assessed on their understanding and presentation of the concept, which should necessarily be unique and designed by the students themselves.
  • Various scientific tasks will be given to students, where they will need to observe and infer results on their own.
  • Tests will be held on a regular basis.
  • Students will surely be helped out by teachers but will also be given enough space to develop their innovative ideas and improve their scientific knowledge.

Outcome of the assessment:

A positive scientific vision will be instilled in all students, so that they sustain in this highly technical world and yet make their own mark with a strong scientific identity.

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