Security Assessment Proposal

A security assessment proposal is a proposition by which a particular organization or part of an organization endeavors to conduct an evaluation of the security measures in the office. Security is an important issue as a company has much important and confidential information stored in its database. There can be an attack on these electronic storage devices through viruses, worms, malware, hacking or phishing, and there can also be physical attack on the people working there from outside forces. In order to ensure that the all the security measures are functional, the organization should initiate the assessment of its security and save the company from losses.

Sample Security Assessment Proposal:

Name of organization: New Age Enterprises

Address: 422 Middleton Road, Seattle

Proposal prepared on: March 22, 2012

Proposal prepared by: Josh Harrison

HR, New Age Enterprises

Proposal submitted on: March 25, 2012

Proposal name: Assessment of the security of the office’s employee computer system

Purpose: The purpose of this proposal is to analyze if the computers are adequately protected or not, and then suggest measures which will help to avoid such threats

Other details of Security Assessment Proposal:

  • The assessment process will include a study of all the computer in the office
  • Employees will be made aware of safe internet practices and how to avoid viruses
  • The Systems department will check the current security measures and then update them so that the latest threats can be countered
  • Periodic assessment and scans of the computers will be to prevent any breach of security

Funds requested: $5000

Proposal signed and approved by: Chris Morris

Manager, New Age Enterprises


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