Security Assessment Report

Security assessment report refers to the evaluation of the security measures taken by an organization or an individual in order to protect itself from any outside sources of threat. A company may be at risk from different factors that may hamper its security and well-being. Hence it is important to conduct a fair assessment of the condition of its security so that solutions can be suggested on how to improve its security strategies and avoid any problems later. Security assessment can be of different types, some refer to security of information, system security, while others refer to physical security of the people working in the organization. Based on the assessment, the company selects or updates its security measures.

Sample Security Assessment Report:

The following risk assessment has been made by Security Experts, California

Name: Green Leaf Merchandise

Address: 9292 Bird’s Lane, California

Objective of assessment: To make an assessment of the security measures taken by the company to protect the organization and to see if they are up to mark and effective enough to ward off any threats

Executive summary:

  • The company’s computers, server and network system have been protected by firewall, routers, anti-virus and malware programs

Assumptions and limitations:

  • The security measures are present but are not updated and hence the system is at risk from latest threats in the technical world
  • General employees are not aware of many viruses and do not know the concept of safe surfing

Security requirements:

  • All employees must be given a basic training about safe internet practices
  • All anti-virus software must be updated immediately

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