Security Assessment Template

A security assessment template is a document which forms a layout explaining the security system of a building, which may be a private residence or an office. It details the current security system employed, if at all used, and its drawbacks and proposes changes which can be incorporated in order to tighten the security system. It is a crucial document and must be written well.

Sample Security Assessment Template

Name of security agency: _________________________________ [Mention the name of the security agency in charge of conducting the security assessment]

Security assessment of: ____________________________ [Provide the name of the building whose security settings will be reworked]

Location of building: __________________________________ [Mention the location of the building whose security assessment is to be conducted]

Date of submission of security assessment report: ______________________ [dd/mm/yy] [Provide the relevant date]

Current security concerns:

  • Concern 1: _____________________________
  • Concern 2: _____________________________
  • Concern 3: _____________________________
  • Concern 4: _____________________________ [Mention the security concerns of the building at present. These may be rectified by the security agency. Mention the drawbacks of the existing system clearly and honestly. Use plans if necessary]

Changes we propose:

  • Change 1: ____________________________________
  • Change 2: ____________________________________
  • Change 3: ____________________________________ [Mention the changes proposed by the security agency for the improvement of security. These should be specific and precise. Plans and architectural maps may be used if needed]

Cost of security systems overhaul: _______________________________ [Provide a brief estimate of the cost of introducing the new changes]

Security system shall be reworked by: _________________________ [dd/mm/yy] [Provide the date of completion of security assessment]

Download Security Assessment Template

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